Our American free market system has created the highest quality health care in the world, which draws people from around the globe seeking our superior treatment.

Today the system is facing serious challenges including rising costs and limited access. However, of the various health care Principles imperative for an excellent system - affordability, accessibility, quality, responsiveness, innovation, choices - none are improved by the further intervention of the federal government.

So how do Democrats propose to reform the system?Nationalize health care to add even more bureaucrats to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.

We, therefore, the undersigned citizens, petition
Speaker Pelosi to:

  • Ensure that the doctor-patient relationship is the cornerstone of any health care plan.

  • Prevent any government takeover of health care that will allow bureaucrats to decide for citizens what kind of care they may receive and when, where, and by whom they may receive it.

  • Stop any health care plan that includes a government-run option, with an unfair advantage, that will drive citizens from their personal, private plans

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